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“Kolbe provided insight, power and freedom” 

Kolbe™ gave me Insight, Power & Freedom

Why Harmony utilizes Kolbe™

Kim’s Kolbe Highlights:

How One Assessment Impacted My Career

I took the Kolbe™ assessment in 2018, after a 30-year career in business and leadership roles.  For the first time in my career, I clearly saw my instinctive talents that energized me and where I thrived. More importantly, it revealed areas and tasks that depleted my energy and I saw areas where I spent “swimming upstream”, when I had been working against my instinctive talents.  

After 4 years researching and applying the Kolbe™ insights in business environments, I became certified in Kolbe™ myself to help individuals and organizational teams understand their unique, instinctive superpowers. Today, Kolbe™ remains my #1 people “business” tool, beginning with leadership and throughout the organization, to create strategic teams and proactively recruit and retain top talent.

What is Kolbe™?

Harmony Business Advisors Conative diagram

Kolbe™ is an assessment tool which measures the “conative” part of the mind (our “instinct) and identifies our instinctive talents.  This powerful insight can only be viewed through the Kolbe™ assessment. 

What’s Your Kolbe™ Superpower?

The Kolbe™ A assessment provides individual results you’ll receive after completing a multiple-choice, electronic assessment. Results vary for each person and your results will appear in a colored graph that highlights your unique Kolbe superpowers: 

  • Fact Finder (detailed research and fact checking) 
  • Follow Through (attention to detail and completing tasks) 
  • Quick Start (Visionary and Strategic) 
  • Implementor (Works with Tangible Items) 


Kolbe™ Assessment?

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