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Why The Name

“Harmony Business Advisors”

Was Chosen

The Harmony Story

I’ve always loved the concept of “harmony”.  While it’s a phrase commonly associated with music, there is power when we experience harmony in our organizations, in professional (and personal) relationships and certainly, within teams.  When we understand and maximize our instinctive talents in business, we experience harmony.  I am passionate about helping others understand their instinctive superpowers – what to embrace and what to avoid (or delegate).  And after years 30 years of navigating the people challenges we all experience as leaders in organizations, I get excited about the opportunity to transform organizations, business and lives with insights I have learned during my journey

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When I began my career in the legal field more than 30 years ago, I was drawn to the people.  As the oldest of 6 children growing up in the Twin Cities, leadership came naturally to me. Fascinated by the legal field, I enjoyed being surrounded by smart and energetic people. My connection with people and the desire to help others led me to leadership roles at the law firm where I later became certified in human resources. After obtaining my PHR certification from the Human Resource Institute, my roles continued to increase in responsibility.  In 2015, I accepted a position as Office Administrator of a national law firm with an office in Minneapolis, where I oversaw operations in a broad role with varied responsibilities.

Until 2018, I spent most of my career in the legal field, which was what I knew and where I was comfortable. However, I had the strange sense that there was something else out there, although the details were unclear. Then, something interesting happened.

In 2018, I met a professional development coach who introduced me to an assessment called the “Kolbe™”.  As a life-long learner, I always enjoyed assessments, which provide insights about people that isn’t always obvious at the surface. I was completely unaware, however, of how those 4 numbers would change my life.


In viewing my Kolbe™ results, I received clarity regarding my "superpower” as an 8 “Quick Start”.  However, what moved me (literally to tears) was the insight I received in viewing my 2 Follow-Thru. While there are no “good or bad” measurements with Kolbe, I immediately flashed back to multiple times in my career which required a high degree of follow through and how I struggled through those tasks.  I recalled numerous times in my career that I spent  “swimming upstream”, working against my instinctive talents. As a Quick Start, my “superpower” was the ability to strategize solutions and thrive in chaos, with energy to spare.  However, those tasks which required dotting the I's – crossing the T’s left me exhausted and depleted. I made the intentional decision to “bless and release” those areas – and instead decided to delegate those tasks (and strategically recruit) team members who have instinctive talents with Follow Thru.

My journey to understand the power of conation (Kolbe™) was like peeling layers from an onion.  I researched, studied, talked with colleagues, and pursued my own self-discovery conation journey.  I hired my Kolbe™ consultant to conduct Kolbe™ assessments with my two sons (who were then in college).  I didn’t want them to choose a career and waste valuable time without understanding their instinctive talents. It was a relief and empowering to see and understand information I didn’t even know I was missing. 

After continued study and application of how Kolbe™ can be used as a strategic tool with organizational people initiatives, I was convinced. With an opportunity on the horizon to present at a national legal conference with my fellow colleagues, I was passionate about the opportunity to share my discoveries. In January of 2022, I flew to Arizona to study with Kathy Kolbe™ (creator of the Kolbe™) and learned other ways to utilize this fascinating and powerful tool.