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Behind The Name:
Harmony Business Advisors

The Harmony Story

What is harmony? The word harmony is often associated with music, but consider what it would look like if harmony was incorporated into our business, professional and personal lives? In business, harmony may incorporate continuity in systems, policies, attitudes and practices, and steer clear of organizational discord. 

Why is harmony important? When incorporated into our professions, harmony improves productivity, employee engagement and teamwork, reduces stress and improves employee retention, all of which improves our bottom line. 

After years dedicated to a harmonious mindset, I’ve seen the positive impact it can have on business, leaders and team members. 

Kim's Story: (Read More here)

When I began my career in the legal field more than 30 years ago, I was drawn to the people. As the oldest of 6 children growing up in the Twin Cities, leadership came naturally to me. I was fascinated by the legal field and enjoyed the energetic and intelligent professional environment. 

My desire to connect and serve others led to leadership roles at the law firm and my PHR certification in human resources through the Human Resource Certification Institute. After years of increasing experience, in 2015, I accepted a promotion as Office Administrator with our national law firm, with an office based in Minneapolis. 

While much of my career was built in legal environments, in 2019, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to leave the legal industry and transition to a non-legal industry. That experience eventually led to self-employment and started with a recruiting focus. 

It was during the experience of meeting leaders looking for talent, where I heard areas where they were struggling. I saw solutions and quickly realized that strategy, based in practicality, was one of my superpowers! And that’s how Harmony Business Advisors was formed. It was a way to help people solve problems in multiple areas, with a focus on people strategies.