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Your Business in Harmony

Create and develop the “people strategy” for your organization, to improve your talent and team goals one step at time.


Welcome to Harmony Business Advisors

Kim has three decades of experience in leadership, administration, human resources, legal and recruiting. In 2021, Kim opened her own consulting practice to help leaders in recruiting, retention, and creating performance-based and cohesive teams. Harmony Business Advisors was born out of Kim’s desire to achieve organizational harmony. After a life-changing experience with the Kolbe™ assessment, Kim later pursued her own Kolbe™ certification, to offer this strategic resource to others. Kim is passionate about people and creating meaningful connections.  Kim enjoys discovering new ways to positively impact organizations and she shares her insights as she presents on national and local platforms. Kim resides in the Twin Cities with her husband, Scott, and close to her two grown sons.

The Harmony Difference


Kolbe™ Assessment?

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“The success of an organization
depends on your people”

Harmony Services

We offer several different services to help provide Harmony in every aspect of life.

Leadership Strategy

Harmony in Leadership

Recruiting Strategies

Identify the Right Talent


Keeping The Right Talent

Creating Strategic Teams

Improving Performance & Cohesion

Additional Services

• Speaking, Training & Workshops
• Professional Development Coaching
• Personal Development Coaching
• The Referral Network

Kind words from our clients…

We had our annual team meeting after everyone from our team took the Kolbe™ A. We reviewed our Kolbe™ results as a group and Kim offered additional insights on how to utilize our results at work. We discussed ways to improve our team’s efficiency and it was an insightful and engaging meeting. At the end of a full day of agenda items, our team expressed that Kim’s Team Kolbe™ presentation was their favorite part of the day.

I look forward to utilizing Kim and the Harmony Business Team as a continued resource for our Blue Sparq team, working with leadership to identify goals and communicating with Blue Sparq team members to move those initiatives forward.
Jennifer Roth
Founder and CEO - Blue Sparq Marketing
I love talking with Kim and hearing her speak on Kolbe™ because she's so passionate about it, and communicates the benefits so well. The workshop I attended recently helped me understand the value I can bring to my clients as well as appreciate the innate bents others have, too. This insight is so valuable not just for my work life, but also my personal and family relationships.
Sharon Brodin
Brodin Press & Twin Cities Outdoors
The Kolbe™ assessment was quick and easy to take, and the results were amazing! The assessment accurately described my instinctive strengths, which my husband and daughter confirmed were completely accurate. Kim's guidance was invaluable. She helped me understand my profile and provided insight into how I instinctively "take action" in my professional and personal relationships.
Susan Diersen
Executive Director - North Anoka County Emergency Foodshelf
As an HR practitioner, I’ve both used and taken nearly every personality assessment on the market. When I was introduced to Kolbe, it was a game-changer! Kolbe's™ results have unlocked the key to organizing my teams, making great hires and aligning talent for the BEST POSSIBLE results. Unlike any other assessment, Kolbe™ uses conative measures. That unique approach offers results that apply to all ages, all professions, and encompasses personal and application. It is awesome!

With the guidance of Kim at Harmony Business Advisors, you’ll be prepared to apply the results in an easy & meaningful way. I’m confident you will depend on Kolbe™ as a go-to in your life’s tool kit!“
Stacy Locsin
HR executive in legal & corporate industries
Kim's Kolbe™ workshop helped me understand why I enjoy researching and collecting data so thoroughly, rather than completing administrative tasks. She provided effective strategies for businesses and groups on how to use Kolbe scores for more efficient results. I recommend taking the Kolbe assessment through Kim, because she well prepare you and provide you with great understanding.

Kim's professional and personal development coaching has helped me find clarity and taught me how to simplify the steps to reach my goals. She is kind, passionate, and thoughtful with her guidance. She genuinely wants you to succeed and gives her all to help.
Lisa S
from Minneapolis





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