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Our Story

Kim Brown Goodwin
Founder and Operator

Kim developed her career in the legal industry. After 20+ years of supporting private law firms, Kim cultivated her passion for working with people, leadership teams and Human Resources. Kim held various leadership and HR positions before managing the Minneapolis office of a national law firm. Kim broadened her scope to pursue her gift of building relationships and partnering with other business owners and began HBA in 2021. Kim is passionate about the opportunity to help other businesses to understand their valuable team members, strategize and “see solutions outside the box” and optimize efficiencies.

Why Us?

Recruit, Retain, and Train

Harmony Business Advisors was created to bring harmony to leaders and team members in their businesses in multiple areas.  We work to identify problems that are causing discord and provide solutions to increase collaboration and understanding (which ultimately improves the bottom line of the business).  

We assist leaders in “thinking outside of the box.”  Often leaders are too close to the organization (or too overburdened with internal work) to see solutions.  We help leaders strategize solutions by learning about the needs of their business and providing solutions for them to consider incorporating.

Optimize Your Resources

We use the Kolbe assessment as a tool to assess who is on your team and who you may need to hire. Every person on your team is valuable and we help you maximize their talent.

Attract & Retain Employees

The Kolbe tool will help you keep the employees that you have by utilizing their unique wiring and strengths. And you’ll be able to attract the talent you need by identifying the type of person that will fit your needs.

Reduce the Stress of Handling Matters Outside Your Area of Expertise

Small business owners don’t need a full HR department when they have Harmony Business Advisors. We give you the expert advice that you need at a fraction of the cost.

Streamline operations for Maximum Efficiency

We provide a fresh perspective to assess what’s working and identify areas for improvement.  From there, we work together to continue conversations, brainstorm solutions, and create a map in order of the leader’s identified priorities.


Confidential and Customized Advice

We can help bridge the gap between the CEO and employees and can defer potential negativity or friction that may be occurring between a leader and their team members, all accomplished with the utmost confidentiality. 

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